How does ZHIFTR work from the Zhiftr point of view?

With ZHIFTR you get a free smartphone App to work with your shifts in. It allows you to avoid having to answer endless text messages and phone calls in order to get a shift. Now you can calmly request shifts when it suits you, and you can even request shifts including a short text message directly from the App. You also get App-notifications when there are new shifts in your Area of Interest, and App-notifications when there are new shifts as you have requested. You get the opportunity to optimize your working hours and work week, by requesting more or fewer shifts from week to week.

If you are not already employed somewhere, you get unique access to open shifts at bars, cafés, hotels and restaurants throughout the country. To access them, visit the 'Search all shifts' menu. At ZHIFTR you get the opportunity to offer your labor nationwide, whether it is as a Waiter, DJ, Barista, Café-worker, Bartender, Chef, Kitchen Assistant, Host/Hostess, Receptionist, Stage Technician, Musician, Cleaning, Wardrobe, Piccolo etc.

Whether you are an employee somewhere or not, the first thing you need to do is to create a profile either via the App or your PC. First step is to select your subject area(s) and select the areas of interest you are interested in seeing shifts inside, and then the shifts will come to you. Once you have been set up, you can in your Control Panel visit the page with open shifts, to see where there currently are open shifts in your area of interest, or see open shifts across the country under the menu 'Search in all shifts'.

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