Why Zhiftr?

Save time with ZHIFTR

Booking shifts is easy, fast and structured via ZHIFTR. You avoid endless texting and calling. A lot of administration time is saved by using ZHIFTR.

Save money with ZHIFTR

ZHIFTR ensures you ask all your own staff about open shifts before asking an expensive external freelance agency. This saves a lot of money and minimizes the use of freelance agencies.

Avoid G-days and overbooking

ZHIFTR provides insight into how many shifts and hours each Zhiftr has worked and warns of any breaches of your time rules. This minimizes G-days and overbooking.

A unique recruitment channel

At ZHIFTR you can mark your shifts 'open' and get requests from staff you do not already know. No other booking system on the market can do what we can.
Contact us to find out more at +45 2153 2009 or contact@zhiftr.com.

How Zhiftr works?

Publish shifts in seconds

You publish shifts and the staff gets App-notifications and can see the shifts in its free App. With 'shift templates', it takes a few seconds to send out a shift. With 'duplicate shift' you can send out many identical shifts on different dates.

Assign the shift

One or more people request the shift in their App, and you choose who gets the shift. The shift closes and everyone are notified via App-notifications. Easy, fast and structured. You can also assign an agreed shift directly.

One system for all shifts

Via ZHIFTR you can easily ask all your employees at once in one and the same system, thus avoiding endless calls and text messages.

Better working environment

It all happens when everyone has time and via the App, so interruptions and disruptions are eliminated and the working environment is improved. And your employees prefer an App instead of annoying calls and text messages.


No restrictions or additional costs on how many ...

employees you create

shifts you sends out

employee groups you create

shift templates you create

App-notifications you send out

Free Smartphone App and web interface for all employees ...

Apple iPhone iOS ready

Google Android OS ready

for Windows PC

for Apple macOS


You avoid endless calls and text messages

With the free App you can in peace request open shifts and be assigned shifts, when it suits you and without you always having to pick up your phone or answer text messages.

Request shifts with a message

Request a shift with a message directly from the App, if you e.g., would like to leave a little earlier, or may come a little later.

Send shifts directly to your personal calendar

In your App, you can send approved shifts directly to your personal calendar in your phone. It can’t get easier to remember your shifts.

See open shifts throughout the country

You can see shifts where the bar, café, hotel or restaurant would like to receive requests from people they do not already know throughout the country. This may give you even more hours and new places to work.


Shift templates. Own Groups and Priority Dispatch

With ‘Shift templates’, almost the entire shift is filled in and shifts can be published out in seconds. With ‘Own Groups’ and ‘Priority Dispatch’, you can send the shift out to one group first, and let the system automatically send the shift to other groups later.

Copy function and Calendar overview

With the 'Copy function' it is easy to publish alike shifts, on different dates, at once. With the ‘Calendar overview’, it is easy to see all the shifts and who is at work when and in which department, per week or month etc.

App-notifications and Statistics

With App notifications, all employees are notified when there are new shifts, instantly. Via ‘ZHIFTR Statistics’, it is easy to keep track of how much each employee works, etc. This minimizes G-days penalties & overbooking.

Request shifts with a Message and 'Open' shifts

The employee can write a short message with a request for a shift. The ‘Open’ shift function allows shifts to be requested by people you do not already know. It secures new employees for the employer.