Create a job vacancy *

The process of creating a job vacancy is as follows:​

  • If your bar, cafe, hotel or restaurant is not already signed up on Zhiftr, you can sign up for free in order to be able to create, send out and post a job vacancy.​
  • When your bar, cafe, hotel or restaurant is signed up, you are able to create and save job vacancies, and send them out and post them, when you are ready. Zhiftr saves all your vacancies so you can reuse them.
  • It is possible to create job vacancies for the following categories: Chef, Waiter, Kitchen-hand, Bartender, Runner, Café-worker, Barista, Cleaning and Coat check
  • If your bar, cafe, hotel or restaurant want to use the Zhift-functionality of Zhiftr, you can always upgrade from the free subscription, under the menu ‘Subscription’ in your Control Panel​

* The cost for one job vacancy posting on Zhiftr for 35 days, inclusive a direct mail to all Zhiftrs in the relevant job category is 600 DKK. The cost for re-activating one job vacancy posting for 35 days is 200 DKK.

All prices in Danish kroner exclusive VAT.