Frequently Asked Questions

First a brief glossary:

ZHIFTR the company:

The company ZHIFTR, is the company behind this App-based shift booking system for bars, cafés, hotels and restaurants in Denmark.


The person/persons who have created a user on the ZHIFTR platform, and who can thereby request shifts (zhifts) in the bars, cafés, hotels and restaurants using the ZHIFTR platform. A Zhiftr can be an employee who wants more shifts, or a freelance Zhiftr who look for shifts at employers they do not know in advance.

Zhift - (A shift)

Bars, cafés, hotels and restaurants (the employers) signed up on the ZHIFTR platforn, can publish Zhifts (shifts) to own Zhiftrs, or wide to a geographical area of Zhiftrs whom they don’t know in beforehand, but they will get to know eachother via the Zhiftr portal.

Who is Zhiftr?

ZHIFTR is a technology company that develops software, specifically designed for the bar, café, hotel and restaurant industry.

Our software is an App-based shift booking system, which is Denmark's most unique shift booking system, because we connect a perfect App-based shift booking system, with a large database of people who want to work more hours in the bar, café, hotel and restaurant sector. So our customers save resources, time and money, by structuring their daily shift management in the ZHIFTR system, as well as by using their own staff instead of expensive external freelance agencies. And at the same time, our customers get a unique recruitment channel, and the fact is that all our customers have gained new employees by using ZHIFTR.

ZHIFTR is a top secure IT-system which does not require installation because it is cloud-based and of course ZHIFTR is also GDPR compliant.

The app is completely free and it's free for employees to use!

What is the purpose of ZHIFTR?

ZHIFTR's purpose is:

  1. That our customers save time on shift planning as well as money by using their own staff before freelance agencies.
  2. To facilitate the opportunity for shifts for people with the desire and willingness to work in the bar, café, hotel and restaurant industry.

What do I get from using ZHIFTR?

The use of ZHIFTR results in great time savings on the daily shift management. On top of this; a cash saving in the form need of fewer expensive external freelancers, a better working environment in the form of far fewer disruptions in daily life and freeing up time for other work tasks, and that the staff, especially own emplyees, hourly and part-time staff, work more hours in your company instead of other places.

Who is ZHIFTR for?

ZHIFTR is specifically developed to support the bar, café, hotel and restaurant sector throughout Denmark. All customers who need a system for structured App-based shift management can benefit from ZHIFTR. All bars, cafés, hotels and restaurants are welcome on ZHIFTR and customer types could be:

  • Bars and chains of bars
  • Cafés and chains of cafés
  • Hoteles and chains of hotels
  • Restaurants and chains of restaurants
  • Entertainment and concert venues
  • Tivolis and fun fairs
  • Basically all companies that need to cover shifts within the many areas of expertise areas ZHIFTR embrases (if one or more area of expertise are missing, they can be added upon request)

How is ZHIFTR's price- and business model?

Our price- and business model is very fair and simple. There are no unpleasant surprises in the collaboration with ZHIFTR. Hence, once the monthly license is paid, there is no limit or extra cost on how many:

  • Employees and temp-workers (Zhiftr's) you can create
  • Shifts (zhifts) you can send out
  • Own groups of employees you create
  • Shoft-templates you create
  • App-notifications we send out on your behalf

In addition, our smartphone App and web interface for staff (Zhiftr's) is completely free.

See our prices here.

How to get started using ZHHIFTR - as an employer

Together, we ensure that you get off to a really good start. Once we have entered into a contract, you will receive easy-to-understand material that instructs for your employees on how to set up (a one-page sign up guide and a manual for using the App and the Web interface). Then we have a 3-4 hour start-up training, where we set up the system just for you, we review how to best get started with your employees, we review all functions in the system, we review ZHIFTR's 'Best Practices' and much more.

So it only takes these 3-4 hours to get started, in addition to the time you will allow to your own staff to sign themselves up.

If you have any questions about getting started up or signing up Zhifts, or other questions, feel free to contact us on:

How to get started using ZHIFTR - as a person who wants to work more in the sector (you=a Zhiftr)

First, you must look forward to and have a wish to work in the bar, café, hotel and restaurant industry.

Next, you must sign up for FREE as Zhiftr on the ZHIFTR platform.

Once you have signed up, it is important that you choose the area of interest you want shifts within. Your area of interest can be a specific bar, café, hotel and/or restaurant, one or more departments, one for several shift-owners or a geographical area (region, municipality, city).

You can sign up via the free App, for either Apple iOS or Android OS, or on our website. It is easiest to create yourself via the App.

And then just to sit back and wait for App-notifications about new shifts in your area of interest pop up.

You can find the App by searching for 'ZHIFTR' where you download your Apps.

If you have any questions to sign up or other questions, feel free to contact us on:

How is it with salary and other terms and conditions regarding zhifts?

ZHIFTR facilitate the contact between the employer and the Zhiftrs, internal- as well as external Zhiftrs. Terms and conditions for work and on the job performance is agreed as normal; directly between the employer and the Zhiftr and is their common responsibility. ZHIFTR the company require, and it is the employer and the Zhiftrs common responsibility, that all professional-, union- and collective legal agreements are abide to, both by the employer and the Zhiftr. ZHIFTR the company has no responsibility for the professionalism of the Zhiftr nor the employer, or for the quality of the work performed, if performed at all.

Who is responsible for maintaining contact data and keeping areas of expertise and interest areas up to date?

It is the responsibility of the individual Zhiftr to always keep contact data, areas of expertise and interest areas up to date at all times.

I get an error message under signing up (e.g. zip code, phone number, e-mail)

This sometimes occur when you use ‘auto fill’. Please try to type in all information instead.

Why don’t I see the calendar pop-up in the date-fields, while creating a new zhift?

The ZHIFTR system, is optimized for the newest browser versions on the market. Please see to that you are always using the latest version of your browser, and update if this is not the case. The date pop-up is always working in Google Chrome and Microsoft Efge browsers, so you can consider using one of these browsers you will be safe.

Who owns the data the Zhiftr enter?

All information entered by the Zhiftr on ZHIFTR the platform is the sole property of the Zhiftr itself. It is not allowed to copy or transport this information to other programs, systems or lists.

What if I can take Zhifts in many areas of expertise and areas of interest?

If you as a Zhiftr can work in more areas of interest and many areas of expertise, you just select all the areas of interest and areas of expertise you cover when signing up. You will automatically receive Zhifts in all your areas of interest and areas of expertise. You can always update your areas of interest and areas of expertise under your ‘Settings’.

I don’t receive Zhifts from an employer I am interested to work for?

Either the employer is not signed up on ZHIFTR, the employer is signed up on ZHIFTR but is not publishing any zhifts, or you have not chosen the interest area the employer is situated in or the actual name of the company.

You must check your interst area and update if necessary.

Or, if the employer is not signed up, contact them and ask if they would be interested in signing up on ZHIFTR, so the both of you can benefit from the platform.

Can I as an employer change subscription type?

Yes, you can always change your subscription type, e.g. if you need more or fewer Admin users who can post zhifts for your company.

Under ‘Settings’ , your ‘Master Admin user’ must press ‘Subscription’ and press the ‘Change subscription’ button in the upright corner, and just follow the instructions.

How do I pay?

You choose your payment method under signing up your company. There are three payment methods:

  1. EAN-invoice
  2. Regular invoice (from your CVR number)
  3. Paying by credit card

Payment is done yearly. The following credit cards are accepted:

What if I need to change my credit card number?

If you have a new credit card number you need to contact ZHIFTR on The ZHIFTR will facilitate that you are send an unique link to the payment system, where you can enter your new credit card information securely.