What do I get as a customer of ZHIFTR?

As a customer of ZHIFTR, you get a unique App-based shift booking system that ensures that you can easily share open shifts with both your internal staff and if you wish; to all of Denmark's bar, café, hotel and restaurant staff.

As a customer of ZHIFTR you will experience:

  • Daily saved administration time on the shift booking
  • Easy and structured sharing of open shifts for all your employees
  • Lots of money saved by using your own employees before expensive external freelance agencies
  • A free smartphone App for all your employees with no limit on the number of employees signed up
  • You will avoid texting and phone calls as ZHIFTR structures all open shifts in one system, available to both you and your staff, which you can open when each of you have time
  • A better working environment in the form of fewer disruptions and interruptions for both managers, planners and employees
  • A unique recruitment channel
  • The employee can filter which shifts are displayed in their Control Panel, even all the way down to the shift-owner and to department level
  • All the above and the many other smart features means that you will free up valuable time for other tasks.

ZHIFTR is relevant for all companies in the entertainment sector throughout Denmark e.g., Bars and chains of bars, Cafes and chains of cafés, Hotels and chains of hotels, Restaurants and chains of restaurants, Stages and Concert venues, Tivoli and amusement parks. All companies that need to cover shifts within the many subject areas ZHIFTR covers (if one or more subject areas are missing, they can be added upon request).

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