Choose type

Choose if you want to sign up as a Zhiftr or as an employer.


Sign up as a Zhifter if you want to be able to request for shifts from employers on the Zhiftr platform.

On ZHIFTR you can request for shifts such as waiter, chef, head chef, kitchen assistant, bartender, café-employee, barista, DJ, cleaning, stage technician, musician, receptionist, piccolo, host/hostess, etc., in your choice of area of interest.

It is free to sign up and recieve shifts as a Zhiftr.


Sign up as an employer if you want to publish Zhifts for your bar, café, hotel or restaurant on the ZHIFTR platform.

As a company on ZHIFTR, you can send out shifts, create job postings, create your own groups of your own Zhiftr's and much more. Via ZHIFTR, your shifts will be sent directly to your employees via the free App and will be quickly covered.

ZHIFTR is the only platform where you can reach both your own employees and external Zhiftrs at the same time.