About us

Welcome to ZHIFTR!

ZHIFTR is part of a small technology company that develops software for resp. bar, hotel, café and restaurant industry, the care sector and to the Danish churches.

ZHIFTR is an app-based shift management system, targeted booking of own employees in the bar, café, hotel and restaurant industry throughout Denmark. It is also a unique recruitment channel.

In ZHIFTR we have two goals:

  1. That our customers save time on shift planning as well as money by using their own staff before freelance agencies, and
  2. To facilitate the opportunity for jobs for people with the desire and willingness to work in the bar, café, hotel and restaurant industry.

Our software helps our customers to staff open shifts with their own employees on a daily basis, and at the same time creates a better working environment. Our software and App are intuitive and easy to use.

Covering open shifts with ZHIFTR is easy. The employer sends out shifts, and the employer's own staff requests the shifts that fit. The employer chooses who gets the shift. It all happens when everyone has time, so that interruptions and disturbances are eliminated and the working environment is improved.


  1. You time on shift planning
  2. You save money by using your own employees before an expensive external freelance agency
  3. You get a free smartphone App for all your employees
  4. You get far fewer interruptions and disturbances and thus a better working environment
  5. You get an overview of both internal and external staff
  6. It is easier avoid overbooking and breaking your own time rules
  7. You can send out an unlimited number of shifts - and there is no limit to the number of employees
  8. Your employees can write a short message with a request of a shift
  9. And a multitude of many more smart features...

The bar, café, hotel and restaurant industry are, amongst other, characterized by having many parttime employees and by needing staffing almost around the clock. With both general sickness absence and general labor shortages in the sector, it can be a difficult and timeconsuming task to make the shift schedules to sum up.

ZHIFTR is an innovative technological solution that both saves time for employers and creates a basis for more people to be able to offer their labor to the sector. ZHIFTR streamlines the process around shift planning and paves the way for both experienced staff, unskilled staff and students to have the opportunity to offer their labor in a structured way to the bar, café, hotel and restaurant sector throughout Denmark.

In addition, ZHIFTR creates an overview of all open shifts internally, and all the employer’s employees can request shifts throughout the house. It saves the employer both time and money. Time by easily engaging your own employees via our system and money by using fewer expensive external freelancers from a temp agency.

ZHIFTR is relevant for both emergency staffing and long-term planning.

We look forward to also improve your everyday business with ZHIFTR!

On behalf of the ZHIFTR Team.

Henrik Mølgaard
CEO & Founder

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