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It is only required to either have a CVR entered or an EAN number entered.
It is only required to either have a CVR entered or an EAN number entered.
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ZHIFTR is Denmark’s best and cheapest shift booking platform for shift management in the bar, café, hotel and restaurant sector.

Via ZHIFTR you can easily reach your own staff and external freelance Zhiftrs via their Smartphone App.

You as a company registred on ZHIFTR is your responsibility that your address, e-mail and phone number is always keept up to date.

Log in information, user name and password are strictly personal and may never be used by others.

You are responsible for the information you share over ZHIFTR is correct.

All information about any Zhiftr is the property of the individual Zhiftr. It is illegal to copy, download, transcribe or transport any information to another program, system or list.

ZHIFTR facilitate contact between the employer and Zhiftrs, internal- as well as external Zhiftrs. Terms and conditions for work and performance is agreed as normal; directly between the employer and the Zhiftr and is their common responsibility.

ZHIFTR the company require, and it is the employer and the Zhiftrs common responsibility, that all professional-, union- and collective legal agreements are abide to, both by the employer and the Zhiftr.

ZHIFTR the company has no responsibility for the professionalism of the Zhiftr nor the employer, or for the quality of the work performed, or if is performed at all.

Subscription is for 12 months periods, and is renewet automatically. The subscription must be cancelled at least 60 days before next renewal date.

You can sign up your company for free/guest if you want to only utilize the job posting functionality on the ZHIFTR platform. For a free/guest subscription please choose the 'Micro/guest' subscription.

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